Truck Transmission Repair for Lakewood Trucks

Truck Transmission Repair Lakewood WAABC Transmission Service is here to take care of all your truck transmission needs in Lakewood, WA. Our family-owned and operated business has been serving Lakewood residents since 1967.

Our mechanics are professionals when it comes to truck transmission repair of Lakewood vehicles. The expertise and skills allow them to work on early and late model vehicles.

We offer Lakewood truck owners first-rate quality of work for truck transmission repair at economical prices. Our truck transmission repair service consists of:

  • Band and transmission gear repair
  • Improving the performance and life of transmission
  • Transmission fluid level check
  • Pressure switch repair
  • Increase hauling and towing power for bulky loads

Lakewood Truck Transmission Repair - Free Computer Checks

Truck Transmission Service LakewoodOur truck transmission service has matured very much over the years. Presently, we offer numerous transmission services to our Lakewood customers. We strongly believe that the reason we have done well is because of our valued customers.

If Lakewood residents suspect that they need truck transmission repair, come on in for a free computer check. This process will help isolate areas in your transmission that are not functioning properly.

After our mechanics repair your truck, we can assure Lakewood truck owners that it will give you more power, better mileage and improved durability.

We offer the following options for a truck transmission service:

  • Complete engine upgrade
  • Custom made transmission and conversion packages
  • Free computer checks
  • Transmission repair and upgrade

Why Choose Us for Your Lakewood Truck Transmission Service?

Truck Transmission Repair Lakewood WAWe can safely say that ours is one of the best truck transmission services in Lakewood area.

The comprehensive inspection carried out by our experts and professionals as a part of truck transmission service for Lakewood trucks can detect any problem with the transmission. We offer this inspection for free.

Our company for truck transmission service offers various perks of saving money and a warranty. Most of these warranties are 12 to 36 months long. We can and will fix any problem in the transmission of your truck.

The special offers we currently offer for truck transmission service are:

  • Internet discount: Servicing cost 10% less
  • Online coupons: Discount of $60 on repair costing $200 or more
  • Repair discount: Repairs less by $60

Lakewood residents can call 253-777-1979 for ABC Transmission Service. Don’t wait until a transmission problem leaves you stranded – give us a call today!