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rebuilt transmissions, rebuilt transmissions, rebuilt transmissions, rebuilt transmissions, transmission service, rebuilt transmissions, transmission upgrades, transmission upgrades tacoma, kent, renton, auburn fife lakewoodIs your transmission shifting hard, soft or not at all?  Do you need to save money on a transmission upgrade?

Your transmission can have a number of problems.  The electronics may be compromised, a faulty transmission control unit may not be allowing you to shift properly, or bad performance under heavy loads, stress and heat. Stop these nagging problems with our transmission repair and upgrades.

Our onsite ASE certified technicians are here to help. They can rebuild, repair or upgrade your stock transmission.

  • Build a stock replacement transmission for short-term use
  • Improve performance over your stock transmission
  • Stops sources of transmission overheating
  • Increase horsepower for more speed
  • Help your vehicle become more reliable 

Transmission Repair

You may not know you need transmission repair until it’s too late. Here are some important signs that you may need transmission repairs.

Overheating is a common reason for transmission failure. The overheating occurs, because of towing heavy loads or stop and go traffic while driving in hot weather.

Transmission repair may be needed due to transmission fluid burns, damaged seals, gaskets and lack of maintenance.

We’ll repair the damage with our transmission repair services.

  • Repair for rubber seals and gaskets to stop leaks
  • Transmission flushes to remove leftover deposits
  • Repair of weakened metal transmission parts
  • Transmission fluid level checks

Transmission Upgrades Rebuilt Transmissions

Are you tired of constant transmission slips, leaks, shuddering and other problems?  You need a transmission upgrade. A transmission upgrade improves your stock transmission by replacing worn out and damaged parts.

Have you noticed a higher gas bill with your automatic transmission? 

Your transmission upgrade will cut your fuel costs up to 15%. Nobody completes transmission upgrades like ABC Transmission Service.  We use upgraded parts to help your transmission perform better under stress.  We provide transmission upgrades for all types of vehicles. 

  • Increase the durability and life of your transmission
  • Manual transmission upgrades to increase speed and gear shifting
  • Automatic transmission upgrades for increased gas mileage
  • Increase your towing and hauling capability for heavy loads
  • Better performance in traffic and for off-road use
  • Remove shuddering with high speeds
  • Upgrade poorly designed transmissions

Improve your vehicle transmission with our transmission upgrades. Contact your Transmission Specialist at (253) 472-9673

Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission work.

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