Standard Transmission Install, Repair & Rebuild

>Import-TransmissionsStandard transmission repair offers you better gas mileage, shifting and power.  But they can develop their own host of problems.  They can pop out of gear, or they can leak.  A real trouble sign is when you hear gears grinding or bearing noises.  It’s crucial to get your standard transmission checked on a regular basis. 

We offer a free check-up on your manual transmission, as well as repair, rebuilds and service.  Our ASE certified technicians are familiar with foreign and domestic transmissions.  So, call, email or just stop by today.

We offer:

  • Repair and rebuilds
  • Clutch kits & upgrades
  • Gear oil change and fluid checks
  • Performance gear oil upgrade

If your vehicle is experiencing rough shifting or you are finding it difficult getting it into gear or just want to increase the life of your manual transmission, contact your Transmission Specialist at 253.777.1979.  Bring your vehicle in for a free manual transmission check-up today. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission work.

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