Automatic & Manual Transmission Shift Kits

Shift-Kits-Tacoma-WA.jpgShift kits allow automatic and manual transmissions to perform better. A good shift kit will reduce grinding and make shifting firmer.

Does your transmission keep slipping between shifts? Heat build-up will result. The heat wears down your seals, clutches and other parts. Shift kits are useful when you’re having re-occurring problems with your transmission.

Shift kits are also a benefit to your transmission's lubrication. This kit increases the size of lube holes in your valve body, which sends more fluid to the hardworking gear train, keeping its parts cool.  It also increases the clamping force of clutch packs during heavy loads. 

We offer complete shift kits for automatic and manual transmissions. Additional benefits of shift kits include:

    • A shift kit boosts gear pressure, so your bands don’t wear out fast
    • Automatic transmission shift kits to reduce or eliminate shift overlap
    • Manual transmission shift kits for high RPM shifts & short throw shifting


  • Firmer & later shifts under heavy loads
  • Improved longevity of your transmission
  • Decrease heat build-up during operation
  • Increase torque and power to rear wheels
  • Improves engine performance and speed

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