Car Engine Swap Automotive Engine Replacement & Upgrades

Engine-Replacement-TacomaYour used car engine may not perform as well as it used to. A complete car engine swap or upgrade will give your vehicle better performance and gas mileage.  


Truck Engine Swap & Replacement

Truck engine damage happens for a number of reasons. You could have a catastrophic engine failure, which is normally caused in an accident. Or, your engine could seize up, due to lack of lubrication, maintenance or overheating.

A complete engine swap or upgrade can remove your engine headaches. It is also a lower cost alternative to installing a brand new engine. Some of our services include:

  • Stock engine and transmission removal
  • Complete engine inspection and testing
  • GM performance parts
  • Increase horsepower and speed
  • Better fuel efficiency


We will refer you to a machine shop if you need your engine rebuilt. Contact your Transmission Specialist at (253) 472-9673

Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission work.

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