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Did you know your wheels spin at different speeds? When you make turns your inside wheels travel a shorter distance than your outside wheels. The different speed of your wheels makes up your differential.  When the front or rear differential is not working properly there will be a loss of traction from the tires to the road.

The gear ratio in a differential is key to low end power, top end speed and gas milage.  These gears can be changed to increase performance for your application.


Truck Differential Repair Diffential Repair

Are you hearing noises in one or more driving modes? Improve your traction with our differential repair and upgrade service.

We offer:

  • Heavy duty differential upgrades
  • Differential service & full differential overhauls
  • Gear ratio replacement & enhancements
  • Ring and pinion gear repairs
  • Differential covers, oil changes & upgrades
  • Ring gear repairs

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