Drive Line Repair Custom Drive Line Work

Bouncing around in your 4x4 can be competitive and fun, but your drive line needs to hold up under the stress and strain. Your drive line includes parts of your drivetrain. Without your drivetrain your vehicle can’t move.

When your drive line becomes faulty or damaged problems will occur. Axle and engine oil can weaken your vacuum lines and cause leaks. You can have problems shifting into gear. If you use a 4x4 vehicle, drive lines and U-joints are crucial.

Tacoma Drive Line U-Joints

U-joints connect your rotating shafts. They help with extreme angles to your drive shaft. As they wear down U-joints have too much movement. Your U-joints need regular lubrication and maintenance. They can develop leaks as they wear down.

Do you want your 4x4 to have consistent power and durability? Take advantage of our custom drive line work.

We offer:

  • Drive shaft replacement and repair
  • Aluminum drive shafts for more durability
  • Extreme angle u-joint service
  • Double u-joints to handle off-road stress
  • Zirk fittings to keep your u-joints lubricated
  • Custom drive shafts for more power
  • Lifts to lighten your vehicle for 4-wheel use 

Drive Line Tacoma 4x4 Use

Give your 4x4 more power and performance with our custom drive line work. Contact your Transmission Specialist at (253) 472-9673

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