Heavy Duty Transmission Transmission Cooling Packages

Transmission-Cooling-Packages-TacomaHeat is the #1 killer of automatic and manual transmissions.  When transmission fluid heats up, lubrication and cooling properties fail.  Your seals, gaskets and bearings can wear out and become damaged. 

Over time your transmission will perform poorly, develop further problems and fail. Whether you’re racing, towing or hauling, you need a durable transmission

We’ll keep your transmission cool with our transmission cooling packages

    • Protect gaskets, seals and gears from wearing out
    • Heavy duty transmission rebuilds and repairs
    • Increase your speed, horsepower and towing ability


  • External coolers to increase cooling capacity
  • Protect transmissions and torque converters from overheating
  • Replace factory transmission cooler with a large one for better heat regulation

Nine out of ten transmissions fail due to overheating.  Keep your transmission safe and cool. Ask about our heavy duty transmission and transmission cooling packages. Contact your Transmission Specialist at (253) 472-9673. 

Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission work.

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