Car Transmission Repair

Car-Transmission-RepairSince 1967, ABC Transmission Service has provided car transmission repair service. We have experience with automatic and manual transmissions on both import and domestic cars.

Your car transmission will operate more efficiently with routine service. However, it can also malfunction because of leaks, erosion and faulty parts. This will lead to poor timing, clicking noises and loss of power.

We offer:

  • Complete transmission diagnostic testing
  • Transmission oil change and flushes
  • Torque converter repair
  • Transmission repair and rebuilds
  • Automatic and manual transmissions

Car Transmission Rebuilds

Are you on a tight budget for your car transmission repair? Then a car transmission rebuild may benefit you!

A car transmission rebuild replaces only the damaged parts of your current transmission, and is a great alternative to replacing an entire transmission.

Our rebuild services include:

  • Car transmission inspection to find which parts need rebuilding
  • Free written estimate detailing rebuilding costs
  • Transmission flush and fluid replacement
  • Rebuilding of worn out or damaged car transmission parts

Tacoma Transmission Repair

At ABC Transmission Service we offer complete car transmission repairs.

Your transmission is a complex and powerful part of your car. The transmission drives power from your engine to your wheels.

We inspect and repair any parts and components of your transmission. Transmission leaks, slipping, fluid damage and surging are some of the problems we repair.

Some of our services for repairing your vehicle include:

  • Planetary gear sets to help your car move forward and in reverse
  • Hydraulic systems for clutch, band and planetary gear control
  • Seals and gaskets to keep your transmission fluid from leaking
  • Torque converters to help your car stop in gear with the engine running
  • Transmission control module reprogramming to help your transmission shift smoothly
  • Upgraded oils and fluids to increase transmission longevity

For your car transmission service, repair, or rebuilds, contact your Tacoma Transmission Specialist at (253) 472-9673. Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check.

Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for car transmission repair and car transmission rebuild work.

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