Automatic Transmission Repair

automatic transmission repair center seattle, tacoma, everett, kirkland, puyallup, lakewood, kent, auburntransmission center seattle, tacoma, everett, kirkland, puyallup, lakewood, kent, auburnAn automatic transmission requires more maintenance and repair than manual transmissions. Operating your vehicle past the recommended service intervals can lead to automatic transmission problems.

Old fluid or filters in your transmission can cause overheating, slipping, late shifting, and vehicle surges.

If you see your check engine or transmission service light, contact the transmission specialists at ABC Transmission Service today for a rebuild at (253) 472-9673.

Truck Transmission Repair

Since 1967, we have specialized in repairing, rebuilding and servicing truck transmissions. Let our truck transmission specialists help you repair your vehicle today. Ignoring trouble signs can lead to costly truck parts repairs.

We offer the following truck services:

  • Foreign and domestic transmissions expertise
  • Free computer checks
  • Transmission repair and rebuilding
  • Transmission flushes
  • Transmission upgrades
  • Automatic shift kits

Don’t ignore whining noises, unusual shifting or leaks in your trucks. These are serious signs that you need your truck transmission rebuilt.

Transmission Flushes in Tacoma

A transmission flush removes old fluid and residue from your transmission. Transmission fluid is a special synthetic substance. Over time this fluid builds up residue, which can interfere with the performance of your vehicle.

A transmission flush introduces new fluid that gives your transmission many benefits.

  • Removes residue from parts for better performance
  • Increases the effectiveness of new transmission fluid
  • Cleanses the entire transmission system
  • Stops contamination of new transmission fluid
  • Reduces stress and prolongs the life of your transmission

Bring your vehicle in for a free cost estimate and computer check. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission repair work of your car.

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