Automatic Transmission Kent


When it is time for an automatic transmission flush, motorists in Kent, WA can trust ABC Transmission Service. We are a premier transmission shop that has been catering to the community since 1967.

We specialize in working on all types of transmissions – manual, automatic, and high performance. Our facility is the one-stop shop for all your needs for an automatic transmission:

  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Repairs
  • Rebuilds

Do not look elsewhere and schedule transmission service on your automatic vehicle with us. Most automobile manufacturers recommend transmission flush and tune up every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, vehicles that are used in extreme conditions require automatic transmission service more frequently.

Check your owner’s manual to know the right interval for transmission tune-up for your vehicle. Do not forget to set up a visit to us for automatic transmission servicing of your Kent vehicle when it is due.

Transmission Flush Kent


When you consider an automatic transmission vs manual transmission, there are a number of benefits in using automatic vehicles. An automatic transmission makes for easier, more relaxed, and more efficient driving. However, it does require more care and upkeep than the manual transmission system.

Come to us as per the recommended schedule for a transmission flush and be sure of maintaining your automatic in top condition. Our technicians flush out the aging transmission fluid that has:

  • Broken down
  • Got contaminated with dirt, debris, chemical residues
  • Lost its ability to cool and lubricate
  • Stopped facilitating smooth gear shifts

Fresh fluid is filled in after the transmission flush to send your Kent vehicle back with a clean and efficient transmission.

Transmission Service Kent


At our specialist transmission shop, we take pride in delivering services that surpass the highest industry standards and exceed all customer expectations. Those who come to us for automatic transmission service on their Kent vehicles can depend on us to have the job done:

  • By ASE certified technicians
  • With sincerity and meticulous attention to detail
  • Using top-quality transmission fluid and filter
  • Handling the vehicle with gentle care

We make sure that the debris dislodged during transmission service does not settle anywhere in the vehicle to cause problems later on. We can also be trusted for a transmission flush at competitive rates and hassle-free completion of transmission service.

Are you wondering, ‘Which automotive facility would be a good choice for automatic transmission flush near me in the Kent area?’ Think no more and call ABC Transmission Service. Reach us at (253) 777-1979.