Automatic Transmission DuPont


There is a fondness among American drivers for vehicles with an automatic transmission system. That is because this transmission type has shown itself to be better than the manual transmission in many ways.

The benefits for those who have vehicles with automatic transmission in DuPont, WA and elsewhere include:

  • Easier, more comfortable driving
  • Safer driving with more attention on the road
  • Better torque power and acceleration

While enjoying such advantages, motorists should keep in mind that a regular and timely transmission flush is crucial for keeping the system working at peak efficiency. This is where ABC Transmission Service steps in. We specialize in doing all kinds of jobs on an automatic transmission.

Our expertise includes automatic transmission service and maintenance. Come straight to our transmission shop when it is time for flushing and cleaning the automatic transmission of your DuPont vehicle.

Transmission Flush DuPont


Extreme engine heat tends to break down the transmission fluid, destroying its frictional properties and causing contaminants like sludge, varnish, gum, etc. to accumulate in it. Continued use of this deteriorated fluid reduces transmission efficiency and can even damage the system.

We advise that all vehicles go in for a periodic transmission flush that involves cleaning the system and replacing the old, dirty fluid with fresh. Generally speaking, transmission service is recommended after every 30,000-50,000 miles. Being regular with transmission flush in your DuPont vehicle assures you of:

  • Optimal engine efficiency and mileage
  • Very few chances of serious transmission problems
  • Minimal expense on automatic transmission troubleshooting

Bring your vehicle to us for an automatic transmission flush if you want the peace of mind that routine automotive preventive maintenance will be performed with utmost diligence.

Transmission Service DuPont


As all experienced vehicle owners and drivers know, automatic transmissions demand more upkeep and repair than manual transmissions. If you want to make hassle-free and economical use of your automatic automobile for many years to come, do not take its transmission for granted.

Get transmission service done on your DuPont vehicle on schedule and by technicians who:

  • Know the job well
  • Take pride in doing seamless work
  • Work as sincerely as they would on their own car
  • Handle your automobile with care

You are sure to find such expert transmission flush experts at our facility. Schedule a visit to us today for transmission service. Let ABC Transmission Service be your first and only stop for an automatic transmission flush in the DuPont area. Contact us at (253) 777-1979 for more information.