Four Wheel Drive

jeep, 4 wheel drive, tacoma, kent, auburn, rentonA 4WD vehicle gives you more traction, performance, and durability, however additional maintenance is required to keep your 4WD vehicle operating properly. 

Trust your 4WD vehicles to the transmission specialists at ABC Transmission Service. Since 1967, we’ve kept customers satisfied and on the road.

Bring in your 4WD cars, trucks, vans and other high performance vehicles. Our highly trained staff is ready to provide you with the best 4WD service possible.

  • 4WD service for all makes and models
  • All-wheel drive diagnosis
  • Transmission repair and rebuilding
  • Transmission fluid checks and rebuilding
  • Test drives and free computer checks

Transmission Repair

If your 4WD system isn't working properly, all four wheels won't spin. You can cause further damage by spinning two tires in a low traction situation. We can repair your 4WD system and possibly upgrade for better traction and durability. With 4WD applications you can improve the control, stability and performance of your vehicle by upgrading your gear train.

  • Upgrade rings & pinions for towing & off-road use
  • Better traction in the snow and on rough roads
  • Axle lockers for more off-road traction
  • Upgrade differential covers for cooling & stable oil
  • SUV, 4x4 and jeep off-road applications

Service and Rebuild in Tacoma

Is your current 4WD system slowing you down? Do you need more power to slice through snow, dirt and mud? We’ll improve your driving power for everyday or recreational use. Our 4WD inspection service will check your current drivetrain condition.

From there you will receive recommendations for:

  • 4WD servicing & lubricating
  • Improving front & rear-wheel differentials for better handling
  • Drive shaft rebuilding for bearing torsion and shear stress
  • Repair for bearings and gears
  • Transfercase modifications

Your 4WD transmission, systems and parts are intricate. Don’t attempt to repair or rebuild these items yourself. Contact your 4WD Transmission Specialist at 253.777.1979.

Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate and computer check. Choose the affordable, trusted and reliable source for transmission work.

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